Retail marketing during the most competitive and expensive period over the year: Christmas holiday!

Case study by DigiView Agency

Impressions in five weeks
Decrease in CPM on Facebook & Instagram
Clicks and swipe ups to website
Products sold out on Kicks and Åhléns website

The mission

The main objectives for the collaboration with Real Techniques was to create brand awareness during the Holiday season among beauty customers and push their season offerings towards Kicks, Åhlens and H&M websites. We wanted to create a ”WOW! We are back” effect for Real Techniques by strenghten the awareness and place Real Techniques brushes and sponges top-of-mind in order to increase sales during the most competitive period over the year: Christmas shopping.



Launch strategy

In order to create and customize a waterproof communication strategy, our initial job was to analyze competitors and potential target audiences both within the tolls of Stockholm and in the nearby suburbs. The strategy was set through the analysis, which included a detailed content- and distribution plan for each target audience segment. Although the goal was the same for each target segment (establish brand awareness, consideration for the service and maximizing the usage of the app) the perception of aimo’s message would be experienced uniquely based depending on lifestyle and behaviorism.


Customer journey creation

Based on aimo’s brand concept “gets you there”, we created and produced ads tailored to our four focus areas that aimed to grab attention, build awareness and encourage frequent usage of the service. During the launch campaign, our ads was exposed to the citizens of Stockholm by using a creative combination of aimo’s car details along with relevant keywords in order to establish the right associations. The brand awareness ads’ purpose was to set aimo on the map as “Stockholm’s first electric car share” by using visual connections to the car exterior and recognition attributes of Stockholm. Moving down the funnel, following ads’ focus and creatives was strictly on the behaviorism of the target audiences. This meant each target audience was served customized ads based on their unique behavior and lifestyle choices.   



The distribution plan included three campaigns: pre launch, launch and post launch. Pre launch aimed to build brand awareness and collect data on our target audiences, which would be used for the launch campaign. The launch campaign focused on establishing a broad brand awareness of aimo and its service in Stockholm. The core audience was segmented into three categories: competitors, demography and lifestyle. Along with the segmented core audiences we executed A/B split tests between rational and emotional values. In addition, we processed the engaged audience (the ones who had downloaded the app but not registered or used the service) by showing them dynamic product ads (DPA), which gives you the ability to granularly target people with high relevance and at all stages of the sales funnel.  

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