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Reach among Sweden's all 13-17 years olds
Increased applicants in Sweden from 2017 to 2018
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The mission

The industry of agriculture, forestry and sustainable development is one important key factor to the government’s reached climate and environmental goals. The foundation of a sustainable society. But the industry is facing a major challenge: the lack of labor amongst the young generation.

During our 3-year partnership with Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund (LRF), we aimed to modernize the industry by strengthening the communication, knowledge and attractiveness of a green career within the industry.

Our goal was to gain knowledge about LRF’s initiative “Jobba Grönt” and increase the number of applications to the Swedish agriculture and forestry schools. Therefore, our mission was to attract new target groups with primary focus on prospective high school and college students, which was amplified through a multichannel distribution strategy based on our successful Youtube concept “The Green Challenge”.




The purpose of the communication was to represent the agriculture and forestry industry from a revitalizing perspective. The ambition was to eliminate certain stereotypes and prejudices that may exist and instead advocate the opportunities within the industry. Knowing this, we produced an entertainment YouTube series, “The Green Challenge” including some of the biggest influencers in Sweden. The contestants competed in a number of mini-challenges, which all aimed to educate about the agricultural and forestry industry.



In order to attract this younger and, in many ways, more critical target audience, YouTube became an obvious choice and main channel among all used platforms. In addition, it was essential to tie the dots together by choosing trustworthy and charismatic influencers who would be fitting for the target audience and its unique interest segments. We managed a thorough research, careful selection of relevant representatives as well as ongoing project and stage management before, during and after production.  



The three day long production occured at Öknaskolan outside of Stockholm. The entire assembly included manuscript, recording & logistic schedule, technical equipment and directions for everyone involved from the school, producers, production leaders and 50+ stuntmen. The final piece resulted in five full episodes customized for YouTube, as well as 30+ unique ad formats customized for each goal, platform and placement in the customer journey.



The multi-channel distribution strategy was synchronized on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube to ensure delivery of the target audience in each stage of their customer journey. For maximal reach of our audiences, brand awareness ads was supplemented by our influencers which promoted The Green Challenge through branded content through their official accounts. During the campaign period, our focus was on conversion with the main objective to drive video views towards the YouTube series. Additionally, the engagement data was collected from the Green Challenge campaign period, which was used strategically to follow up with unique messages within agriculture, forestry, machinery/technology and zoology to drive relevant traffic to the application page.

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